MCC Members Spotlight

Kendra, 26, PhD Student

Long distance running has become a fundamental part of how I identify myself as a millennial. I started running when my mom was diagnosed with brain cancer, and I started competitive running to raise money for charities to help fund cancer research. Turns out I really liked it! Competing in races taught me how to overcome pain, but also how to work towards seemingly-impossible goals. I recently competed as an elite runner in the London Marathon and it was an absolute blast.  I hope to continue to push myself to hit the Olympic Trials Qualifying time for the Marathon, finish my PhD, and find my place on this side of the world. This, of course, won’t be possible without the support of the amazing new humans I’ve met (and the gallons of coffee I consume on a day-to-day basis.)

Justin, 23, Law Student

Alongside studying to be a Lawyer, I put the hours in early every morning before the day begins running around the city. I ran my first half marathon this year for LGBT+ charity, Diversity Role Models (DRM) and hope to run my first marathon next year in under 3 hours- challenge accepted! I’m a huge advocate for diversity and inclusion and volunteer in schools across London alongside DRM to deliver workshops to prevent homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying and act as a role model for any LGBT+ students.

Adrija, 19, Medical Student

I absolutely love my course and try to pay back to the university community. I’m the Vice-Chair of Welfare for the medical school’s SU and am currently using this platform to campaign for the provision of free sanitary products for students. Day-to-day I enjoy busking with my quartet, am on the RAG and music committees and love tutoring students. In the video I play the role of someone turning scribbles into a successful business plan alongside her friend. As ex-chair of Gender Equality Movement society, the female empowerment and emphasis of women supporting women in the video really resonated with me. 

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