About Us

The Millennial Coffee Club is back and ready to accessorise your summer 2021. We have spent the past year learning new recipes, perfecting our favourite MCC coffee essentials and increasing our sustainability. Designed and created by Eve Cornwell, we present our limited edition original collection. 

Young people are having to work under insane amounts of pressure that never previously existed. Whether that's getting good grades, getting into a top-tier university, getting a graduate job - society has created wild standards of 'success'. In my opinion, young people today are working harder than ever before, but more importantly we are working differently. I think young people are the champions of working smart not hard. Efficiency and productivity are going to become central to the way we work, allowing us to use our time more freely and take our time-off more seriously. 
To sun-rise chasers and late candle burners. To tired eyes, messy hair and chewed ends of pencils. To the bold bright minded and the fiercest thinkers. To the go-getters. To thinking outside the box.

To saying ‘screw it!’ to the ‘this is the way we’ve always done it’ mentality. To thinking twice about expectations and pre-defined career paths. To creating your own success, turning scribbles into business plans and to proving them wrong.

At The Millennial Coffee Club we celebrate the everyday hustle. Because while almond milk lattes and smashed avocados are great, we think that we work pretty damn hard too.

Sound like you? 

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